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28th-Apr-2013 04:46 pm(no subject)
The new episode of Cho+D came out, and they've started a new shounen ai scenes series called 'Ah.' I made a cut of the scenes from the episode;

Cho+D BL scenes 3. by ameliechan

Dish//'s new PV 'I can Hear''s short version and TV spot are out, but for some unknown reason Stardust have uploaded them on a channel which is blocked to foreign countries and proxies don't work T_T So irritating.

I got a few goodies in the mail yesterday and today - a Serin Kagami Taiga uniform for cosplaying in September at J-con. It was only 8.60, and it's not as luxurious as the one I got off my friend, but for the price inc shipping it was a bargain. I also bought a Cocca (totally gorgeous Hetalia circle) doujinshi for 3.50 inc shipping XD The seller included 2 free Hetalia post cards, 2 Hetalia plastic cards, and a cute Pikachu strap XD I love omake!

Goodies.Collapse )

 photo Animation1_zpsbe96149d.gif

Can't wait for my three day weekend :D I'm going to go hunting for the main clothing items I need for my Chodokyu!Kai cosplay and get started on making it!
17th-Apr-2013 06:20 pm - Shopping Haul & Aozora no Tamago MV.
I've finally bothered to get my camera out to take a photo of my haul from going shopping after a fangirling weekend with my friend from Crewe. We spent most of the time watching things (Tenimyu, Tumbling, Aozora no Tamago, Fallen Angel etc), and reading my magazines/doujinshis :D It was really good fun having someone round who has the same fandoms as me, and can tolerate my babbling. She's invited me to visit her some time soon :D

I got a couple of goodies during my shopping trip after saying bye to her at the station. I bought Fate/Extra on a whim, but I'm so glad I did (totally shipping the male protagonist with archer, and others.) It was the only copy they got in stock too XD I also picked up Gravitation volume 1 from CEX for 75p! I don't really like the series, but for 75p I'll take any BL I can get.

 photo IMG_0393_zps89927df5.jpg

I also made another MV. This time it's for the totally-bl-really series Aozora no Tamago starring Masahiro Inoue (Kamen Rider Decade/Tenimyu's Atobe), Akutsu Shintarou (D2 member), Shison Jun (D2 member/Tenimyu's Gakuto), and Hirano Ryo (Tenimyu's Yuuji.)

Sakaki & Tori. by ameliechan

Also lol at this girl on FB trying to say it's fine to take photos of cosplayers without their permission. Doesn't she realize that not all of us want unedited photos of ourselves floating around online? It'd ruin my experience of a con if I saw photos of myself like that.
Haruto Please Userpic.
 photo Animation2-9_zpsa95cb515.gif

Thanks for the totally gratuitous semi-nudity Toei ♥ Also did it really take Nossan *and* Ian to patch Daigo up? Heh, I think Ian just wanted to see him topless. I'm looking to properly meeting Kyoryugold next week :D Also Wizard was pleasantly angst-ridden, and filled with Kousuke worrying and Shunpei being clingy XD

I posted a small pimp post for the BL scenes in a BL community, and some self-righteous bitch came in to comment on thinking it was awkward (which it is, but hilariously so), and that she doesn't like boys love being used to target young female fanbases. Uh, doesn't that mean you dislike all BL then? Since, aside from bara it's all targeting fujoshis. I told her to fuck off if she didn't have anything nice to say, and that it took me ages to combine/upload those clips so why post such negative crap?

Anyway, the new Cho+D came out and the suki pairings are adorable;

 photo D_M_0416114-03-18_zpsf8bb224a.jpg
 photo D_M_0416114-04-02_zpsb30726db.jpg

Also, Ryuuji continues to be pleasingly clingy with someone I ship him with (To-i of course.);

 photo D_M_0416114-02-33_zpsc5e0f017.jpg

Lastly, I made another XXXholic video for the pairing Doumeki x Watanuki. This week's penultimate episode was angst-tacular - a bit too focused upon the Watanuki x Kunogi pairing, but Doumeki's angst over the two of them, and his badass rescuing of Watanuki (how many times has he saved him now? LOL) made up for it. Also Yuko continues to be gorgeous.

Doumeki x Watanuki Video 2. by ameliechan

I need to get around to making an Aozora no Tamago video soon. I'll update about my fujoshi weekend with my friend soon - I just need natural light to take pictures of the stuff I bought :D
Haruto Please Userpic.
5th-Apr-2013 01:27 pm - Peter Pan Syndrome MV Gifspam :D
Ugh, my stomach is off today. I have to go to work too :S Hopefully it'll be feeling better for tomorrow when my friend is coming over to be bored senseless by me ranting on about Dish// and Chodokyu sleepover for the weekend. I guess I'll just drink a lot of water in lieu of eating anything :/

Anyway, I made a small gifspam for Dish//'s 'Peter Pan Syndrome' MV. It's my favorite song of theirs so far :D I can't wait for their major debut in June though. I just hope their live with Chodokyu at Blitz goes well. They have to fill 2 performances with over 2000 people! O.O

 photo Animation12_zpsbefe6ef4.gif

Gifs Here!Collapse )

As usual, here is the full MV for those who are curious;

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